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gooey adj : soft and sticky [syn: icky] [also: gooiest, gooier]

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See goo.


  • Homophones: GUI


  1. of, or related to goo
  2. soft, sticky and viscous


of, or related to goo
soft, sticky and viscous


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Gooey was an Internet chat application that turned very popular in 1999. Gooey allows people who are simultaneously browsing the same Web sites to communicate with each other, creating big chat rooms in portals and thematic websites. Gooey was acquired by CNET and closed in 2000. It was initially coded by Luwei Zhou, who decided to choose a name that rhymes with "Luwei". The program was written in G++ (Guwei ++), a spinoff of the popular programming language C++. Curiously, this application was considered by the press to be an evolution of ICQ.
Recently, the Gooey concept was resuscitated in Gabbly. The program works directly on web browsers, without installation.

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